Dime OG Disposable ( INDICA )


Our own personal OG strain, this cross between Jet Fuel, Hardcore OG, and True OG is meant to remind users of that picture perfect OG, like the one you could smell through the bag. With Diesel, Sweet, Lemon, and Pine Notes, this will become one of your favorite OG’s overnight. Although a heavy indica, the jet fuel will lift you off into that dream-like state and have you thinking higher.

Genetics” Jet Fuel x True OG x Hardcore OG

Effects: Happy, Sleepy, Euphoric

Prevalent Terpenes: Limonene Caryophyllene Oxide

Experience the difference with DIME’s 600mg disposable vape.


With DIME’s sleek hardware, vaping cannabis never looked so good, and with distillate pure THC, no one’s nostrils will know of its potent contents.


With this ready to use disposable, there’s no confusing buttons or difficult refilling, just inhale and get high.

High Potency + Clean THC

There are no compromises to quality when you chose DIME. The potency and constitution of the THC oil used in DIME products exceed the expectations of legal cannabis.

Grams: Half Gram

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